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ICO Investors

Investing in ICO is not like jumping on the bandwagon. One has to follow the strict regime of studying various aspects of ICOs. During the ICOs, two types of tokens are distributed namely equity token or security token and utility token. Typical ICOs distributes the utility token during ICO token sale and there are hardly any ICOs which distribute equity token. When it comes to initial coin offering investment one need to know whether to trust on any particular ICO or not. To overcome this situation we have defined the number of parameters investors need to consider to acquire initial coin offering token. But here is the best one which is quite a different approach we have listed before.

We have created a list of investors who had become a part of the number of ICOs before and make a good fortune. You can get references from the list of the investors. If any of these investors are intended to invest in upcoming ICO token creation you shall at least have look at it before doing blind ICO investment. We have also mentioned the whitelist (investors who are prequalified for ICO token sale) with detailed explanation regarding why they are investing in that particular ICO. This is one of the initial step one considered as best for initial coin offering.