Bitcoin -205.72
$8,643.58 -2.38%
Ethereum -5.63
$165.00 -3.41%
Zcash -1.53
$50.01 -3.06%
Monero -2.02
$64.55 -3.13%
Tether -0.00
$1.00 -0.34%
Stellar 0.00
$0.06 1.42%

ICO Levels: Platinum, GOLD, and SILVER

Blockchain startups, which wants to rank their ICOs on top of the common line has to cover certain points for six key parameters and score as much as they can out of 100. Our ICO algorithms help ICOs publisher to test the capabilities of their ICOs by studying ICO white paper, initial coin offering team, ICO marketing campaign, developer team, and initial coin offering roadmap. ICOs which have scored 80 or above 80 we have further categorized in following sections.

Silver – ICO with score 80
ICO which has scored 80-85 lies under the silver category. This means that this ICO is quite a potential to create huge profit and have considerable market capitalization. Though it may involve quite a high-risk factor due to abysmal level of any of six key aspects. Though ICOs that scores nearby 80 are the most promising one and chance to grow in future is promised.

Gold – ICO score 85 or above (max 90)
ICO which has scored above 85 are considered a few of the best ICO that can benefit investors with higher returns on their initial investments. Though, it will take huge efforts and ridiculously great product/service for the company to get to gold level. ICOs listed under this category may also offer bonuses for early investors and comes with the whitelist (pre-qualified investors) that other investors can check before they jump into it. ICOs lies under this levels are the one with lower risk and authoritative by financial institutions of respective countries and one may need to go through ICO KYC process as well.

Platinum – ICO score above 90
ICOs which are genuine, authoritative and approved by financial bodies of any country may reach this level. Apart from this, platinum ICOs are the one with almost zero risk factors while churning out the hefty amount of profit. Investing in ICOs lies under this category are probably the one you will admire the most and never regret after investing.