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Ethereum -5.63
$165.00 -3.41%
Zcash -1.53
$50.01 -3.06%
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$64.55 -3.13%
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ICO Rating Algorithm

Apart from promoting and helping blockchain startups with ICO marketing campaigns, ICO review is also dedicated to guiding the investors throughout their ICO journey. We help blockchain companies with ICO marketing guide and technical aspects that can lead them to rank as high as it can to grab the attention from potential investors.

Though, we have also set up a team of professional Initial coin offering team to analyze different ICOs from investor’s perspectives. We have created a protocol or kind of algorithm where out ICO team study the various aspects of ICOs such as ICO whitepaper, ICO roadmap and ICO marketing campaign. Based on the points they have scored for each aspect, our team of expert categories the ICOs in three different categories namely platinum which has highest ROI ration and low-risk factor, following by gold and silver. Here you can see the example of how our experts examine every aspect of ICOs and how this ICO rating algorithm helps out investors to find the best ICO to invest in. for instance, this is how our team observed the six key aspects of ICOs and award them points from 1-10 as per their performance and we count the final result. The higher the ICO scores the more prolific ICO it is.
Results calculation:

● Useful (1-10 points) – weight 3
● ICO White Paper (1-10) – weight 2
● Developer team (1-10) – weight 2
● ICO Marketing campaign (1-10) – weight 1
● PR and Social media campaign (1-10) – weight 1
● ICO Road Map (1-10) – weight 1

Example: 9*3+9*2+10*2+8*1+8*1+9*1=90 points of 100 maximum
We have categorized the ICO which scores 80 or above, in three different subcategories. It important to note that apart from those six key aspects of any ICO, we also conduct in-depth research by gathering the information from various communities, study the research paper and Initial coin offering usability to make things easy for an investor as well as to help the potential ICOs to grow.