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Our Services

Whether you are an investor looking for upcoming ICO strategy or blockchain startup enthusiast, our distinctive approach of examining, reviewing and ranking the ICOs will help both potential investors and budding entrepreneurs. Our services for investors starts from ICO registration and end at top-tier ICO strategy and investment advice. When it comes to ICO publisher we help companies to create ICO and launch their ICOs including ICO marketing services. Let’s dig deep into services we offer and how can it help you to launch your next ICO and help investors get best out their investments.

Our services for ICO publisher
Publishing ICOs have never been that easy! One has to start from the scratch, acquire the license for ICO registration, define ICO marketing strategy, and finally initiate ICO token presell. This sounds pretty straightforward, right? But it is not as easy as it sounds.

ICO Company, depending on their geographical location, has to go through the legal procedure and acquire licenses from the financial authority of respective countries in order to proceed ICO launch service. The major number of countries have not changed their financial policy regarding ICO acceptance while other countries have altered their policies and welcome the ICO diligently. If you are launching the ICOs in these countries you may require legal advice and supports to know what the best local jurisdiction is for Initial Coin Offering launch. Since the changed policies are not as clear as it should be to be understood by new ICOs publisher it could be the total fiasco for ICO when they failed to acquire required licenses. That’s where we come into play to guide you through all legal procedure one may require. These requirements vary with the countries but our team of professionals are erudite and experience enough to acquire required certifications from SEC (US), FINMA (Switzerland), TAX (Singapore) or any other country.

The second and the most important aspects of writing the white paper which not only defines the strength of your company but also proves as an essential tool to grab the attention from various potential investors. If you are seeking the Initial coin offering advice regarding white paper, we will help you with that by proving complete outline and professional white paper structure you need.

The third most important service we offer to our client is marketing. Marketing is almost 50% part of your ICO as it involves the ICO promotion to make people aware of your services and products. ICO review and ranking will look after the whole Initial coin offering marketing service and ICO marketing strategy to bring your ICO under the limelight of investors across the globe. Social media marketing, content management, and community management such as Reddit, Steemit, and Bitcointalk, are also included in our Initial coin offering promotion.

Our services for potential investors and contributors
Besides from providing top-tier services to ICO publishers, we are also dedicated to helping potential investors and contributor while investing in ICOs. Out distinctive services including out ICO ranking algorithm are designed to help investors to make their decisions whether they shall invest in particular ICO or not.

We can rank and categorize the number of ICOs by studying various factors such as ICO white paper, roadmap, developer team, product/service, ICO marketing services and communities review, to get most information one may need before starting their investment. We have also awarded points (1-10) for each of the factors mentioned above which represents their performance and ability of ICO for that particular factor. ICOs which has scored 80 and above it are differentiated in three other subcategories. There ICOs are the most promising one and can bring a lot of wealth in. Thanks to our professional ICO analyst team, we have the detailed list of potential ICOs.

This isn’t all, we also help investors to stay away from the scams and ‘get rich fast’ schemes which can burn the holes in investor’s pocket. Our ICO ranking and rating criteria integrated with our ICO rating algorithm works like charm and helped us to subcategorize the most potential ICO in three different categories called Silver, Gold, and platinum. You can check out the detailed explanation of these three categories to understand how it can help you to get most out of the ICOs and conduct your own research.

Since our services are dedicated to helping both ICO publisher and investors, we are not only helping ICOs to go public but also creating safe and sound, scam free environment for investors at this point where ICOs have gained popularity of resource to make quick money and heavily criticized by investors across the globe.