Which are the most promising ICOs of 2018?

ICO in simple term is nothing but the way to raise the fund for startup real quick by selling the crypto token that represents the product or service of the company. The difference between ICO and token sale is that ICO is like an IPO where you can buy tokens at the predefined price and it has the start and end date while token sales are the one where the price of tokens varies quickly and they have no start and end date. Till now 2018 has been proved welcoming year for the ICOs and investors are looking forward to upcoming cryptocurrency ICO with the best potential. We have prepared the list of the most popular and promising ICOs of 2018 which may make you the millionaire. Here is the glimpse of the best ICO’s to invest in 2018.

NeonExchange (NEX)
NeoExchange is definitely one of the hottest ICO of 2018 as it is the platform designed to overcome the issue of both centralized and decentralized exchanges are facing today. The problems with centralized exchanges are increasing the number of scams, security, identity theft and many other. On another hand, the decentralized network can easily obsolete all the issues associated with centralized exchange but it makes the whole process slow. NeonExhange is the platform that will create most reliable, secure and faster DEX. Neon is already quite a popular and considered as Chinese Ethereum and that’s what has brought it into the limelight.

Though the ICO was over in 2017, it is one of the ICO worth to mention here. ICO blew up this year, attracting attention for the gaudy amounts of money raised astonishingly fast, and filecoin is the clear-cut king. Their ICO raised whopping $257 million total as per the report presented by Coindesk. We think it is one of the ICO which had raised the largest amount of capital ever. Out of $257 million, $57 million was raised during the presale while they raised rest of $200 million during main ICO. Filecoin is one of the ICO one need to definitely have look at and study it in order to find good ICOs.

Cointed – CTD
China-based ICO, cointed is said to be the most promising ICO of 2018 as it claims to bridge the real world and crypto space by proving various payment solutions through their exchange. Cointed is aiming to build cryptocurrency base payment gateways on online shopping site, multi-currency ATMs and much more. The products and the services they claim are quite promising and revolutionary and attracted the gaudy amount of money from the investors. The presale and ICO are already over and the network seems growing impressively especially in Europe. Like major potential ICOs, this one also requires users to go through ICO KYC and AML process in order to acquire CTD tokens.

There is the myriad number of ICOs which can be considered as the most promising ICO of 2018. Check the full list of best ICO’s to invest in 2018.

What are the best upcoming cryptocurrency ICO’s?
ICO alert! The year of 2018 will be the year of the number of upcoming cryptocurrency ICOs with the best potential and will bring the numerous opportunity for the investors across the globe. Here we have created the list of best ICO to invest in 2018. We have chosen these particular ICOs after observing their performance during private sells and the ability of their product to change the industries with novel technology. Find good ICOs has never been easy but we have lightened up the burden for you. Check this list out.

Telegram – TON (Grams)
Ultra-fast blockchain technology from ultra-fast messenger Telegram. The telegram has recently announced details regarding their ICO where they will distribute ‘grams’ – Telegram’s crypto token. The reason, number of investors are keeping their eyes on Telegram is that it raised whopping $1.7 billion from two private sales. As per the sources and report from the SEC filings confirm that Telegram can be the next great ICO to invest it. Though the official dates have not been announced yet neither any details regarding bonuses but ‘Grams’ will see the sky with colorful starts that’s for sure. To acquire gram tokens an investor has to go through ICO KYC and initial coin offering AML process as Telegram deals with consumers data and register with SEC make it completely legal.

ATF – AgroTechFarm
ATF has become center of attraction especially in North America, Mexico and dozens of other countries for their smart kitchen automated product that allows users to grow the tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, cannabis and many more plants with minimal attention and user involvement. It is considered as one of the revolutionary ICO in farming and cultivating industry. ATF’s presale has already ceased while the main ICO, where they will start selling ATF tokens, will be hold on 03/10/2018 and end on 04/10/2018. Interested users will have to go through ICO KYC documents as ATF is registered with finance authority of US.

The next great ICO of 2018 is Kodakcoin. Kodak is popular company across the globe and now they are using blockchain technology to create their own platform where Kodak coin can be used for every single service Kodak offers. The public sale was originally supposed to launch on January 31, as previously reported by CoinDesk, following a pre-sale during which 8 million KodakCoins were sold. Though Kodak- ICO has been delayed for certain reason and the token sale date is not confirmed yet. The ones who are invested in Kodak ICO though the presale have the net worth of $1million or more and that is one of the many reasons that brought KodakCoin into the limelight.

The list does not end here. ICO as a future funding for a startup, new companies are jumping on the bandwagon every day and new ICOs will continue to roll out in 2018.

Can you make money from ICO?
ICOs can either make the riches or break the riches. Depending upon the various circumstances one can make millions of dollars or can lose millions of dollars. To answer this question one will have to understand what ICOs are actually? How ICO do works, how ICO is typically run and at last what are some of the key factors that one need to consider when finding good ICOs.

You certainly can make money from ICOs with higher risk involvement. A typical ICO normally executes two types of token sell – a pre-ICO and main ICO. Pre-ICO or Pre-sell is something when blockchain startup sales their token to their early investors (normally at lower prices) with higher bonuses. All the early birds can earn almost 50-80% of the bonus of what they have actually paid for. If you find an upcoming cryptocurrency ICO with the best potential you shall just need to jump into pre-sale and get benefits with hefty bonuses. The prices will rice most certainly once the main ICO starts which normally last long for a month. If the start-up is good enough their token price will certainly raise and you will not simply make money but also churn out a lot of profit. But keep in mind that the situation could go reverse as well. So you better study the ICO, their developer team, their product/service and read the white paper carefully. It will basically give you an idea regarding the potential of ICO.

When it comes to main ICO sale, you can use the reference from pre-sale such as how much of the capital they have raised and what are the expectations from the main sale. If you find it good enough jump into the main sale which also comes with the minimum bonus of 30-50% during its first week. Though the bonus will reduce in subsequent weeks normally by 5%. If the token price will go up you are probably going to ear profit.

But it still requires a lot of research and observation on particular ICO. If you are confident enough and even company’s developer team and product showing prolific signs, go ahead and get benefits of the bonus as well. Another thing you need to know what sort of tokes you buy. Normally security/equity tokens have huge potential over utility or user tokens.

Last year was full of great ICOs. Tezos made $232 million USD from ICO while the company called filecoin has raised hefty $257 million USD through ICO. There is the number of other companies such as EOS and Bancor which made over $100 million USD via launching the ICOs. The next great ICO of 2018 may be on its way. So keep looking, researching and educating yourself, opportunity can strike anytime on your door!

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